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No Advertising, Please! Call from Mouvement Ecologique.



Over 35 years ago,  Mouvement Ecologique introduced the sticker “No Advertising, Please.” According to estimates, over 50% of private mailboxes used such a sticker, preventing approximately 23,600 trees from being cut down over the years. Since 1st January 2024, the sticker is no longer required under the new waste law. Now the rule is: if you don’t want advertising, you no longer need to attach a sticker to your mailbox, but if you still want advertising, you must attach a sticker indicating that you accept advertisements in your mailbox.


The postal service provides such stickers for mailboxes, allowing people to express their consent to receive advertisements. Unfortunately, their brochure contains misleading information. If one reads that using the sticker would achieve “a reduction in waste through more targeted advertising,” this is simply incorrect! It is precisely when you have a sticker that you receive advertisements, thus generating waste!


For us at Mouvement Ecologique, the stance is clear: No to paper advertisements! It was a long way to go until the Mouvement Ecologique’s “No Advertising, Please” sticker was widely respected. Some companies distributing advertisements did not adhere to it.


Now it is crucial to ensure that the new rules are followed. Therefore, Mouvement Ecologique launches a campaign in collaboration with you!


We’d like to ask you:


Do you still receive advertising even if you don’t have a sticker indicating that you want it?

Do you receive free newspapers claiming to inform but containing a lot of advertisements?

Or do you encounter other problems?


Then let us know via email at! Write to us your name, where you live, and what you receive/how you’ve noticed the problem! We will collect this information and strive to enforce the new rules. We will keep you updated as the action progresses.


Thanks in advance!