Our commitment

Imagination, competence and commitment

The Mouvement Ecologique carries out a whole range of actions throughout the year, whether nationally or in the regional and local sections, on a wide variety of topics in the field of “sustainable development”. It is difficult to summarise this diversity; here are some examples to illustrate the range of variation:

1_2007 Climate protectionComments
How can our country move towards “sustainability”? How can we become even more active in climate protection policy? How can an environmental law be improved? What should be the government’s priorities? How can improvements in public transport be achieved in concrete terms? How can our landscapes be preserved? The Mouvement Ecologique elaborates concrete proposals prepared by a large number of people; publishes them and forwards them to those affected.




cover growth trapDeveloping new ideas

Did you know? The idea of modern light rail was also launched primarily by the Mouvement Ecologique … Or the renovation of old buildings … Addressing such important issues is often done in cooperation with partner organisations in such a way that many necessary projects have already been successfully initiated.






COVER GEmElEvElS 2011Carry out awareness-raising activities
“Fir eng nohalteg Gemengepolitik” … this is the motto around actions on the topic of communal politics, one of the priorities of the Mouvement Ecologique. Indeed, decisive initiatives can be taken in communities. But also the “Energy Weeks”, during which low and passive houses as well as well renovated old buildings are visited, is an important action of the Mouvement Ecologique. Just like the “ice house” action: for 1 month, a block of ice was enclosed in a well-insulated model house on the “Place d’Armes”, with the result that after 1 month without cooling measures, over 60% of the ice block was still present. There is no better way to show the importance of good insulation.



Kéisecker hpPublications
To inform about its suggestions and ideas, the environmental organisation works closely with the press. But there are also two publications of their own, “De Kéisécker” and “De Kéisécker-Info”, which regularly report on activities, meetings, draft legislation and much more.







Concrete events
The Oeko-Foire, “Alles op deVelo” … concrete events for the general public.






action 4 juli 02Organisation of a protest event
Sometimes, however, a Mouvement Ecologique has to accompany topicality in a more critical way. E.g. if a culturally and historically valuable area like Meysembourg is to be destroyed or if the Kyoto Protocol on climate protection is not respected.






Consultation and information / Conferences and round tables
Citizens can obtain information and further education at conferences and seminars. The Mouvement Ecologique also provides advice on environmental issues via the “Gréngen Telephone”: What environmental requirements does a company have to comply with? How to set up a natural pond? What are the laws? … at the Mouvement Ecologique you will get answers to these and other questions.



schoulhaff NeiConcrete work on the ground
Much is also achieved above all by citizens getting involved on the ground in local and regional sections in numerous regions of the country.