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The work of the Ecological Movement – committed, critical, imaginative, lively, with visions for tomorrow …

Protest yes, but also concrete proposals!


IMG_0761In 1968, the environmental organisation Mouvement Ecologique was founded by a number of young people. In the meantime, the organisation has grown considerably, and the commitment has also become broader and more multi-layered over the years:
Sustainable development, the preservation of a healthy and liveable nature and environment – also for future generations -, greater justice between the countries of the North and the South, an improvement in the quality of life, the linking of ecology and social issues, a discussion about growth and prosperity, liveable and attractive communities, good public transport, alternative energies, new visions for a liveable society of tomorrow,… are some of the goals that 3,000 citizens are working for in the Mouvement Ecologique, either actively or through their membership.



The actions of the Mouvement Ecologique are correspondingly diverse: writing well-founded statements, carrying out awareness campaigns, developing new ideas, organising conferences, walks, protest rallies but also events such as “Alles op de Vëlo”, the “Energy Weeks” or even the “Oekofoire” are important pillars. The work in the Mouvement is mainly carried out by numerous volunteers. They are supported by a wide membership! It is important to note that the Mouvement is absolutely neutral in terms of party politics.



gemengekommissiounen_seminar_2007_01_26_eIn 1983, the Mouvement Ecologique founded the non-profit foundation Öko-Fonds, which aims to raise funds and carry out pilot projects. In 2004, the “OekoZenter Lëtzebuerg”, which has since changed its name to “Oekozenter Pafendall”, was revived. The Oekozenter is primarily responsible for further education events but also advisory work in the environmental, agricultural and construction sectors and manages the Oekotopten project.