Administrative Board

Composition of the Board of Directors of the Mouvement Ecologique non-profit association, 6 rue Vauban, L-2663 Luxembourg elected at the General Meeting of 24 March 2023

Weber Blanche, Luxembourgish, private employee, Chairman

Muller Jeannot, Luxembourgish, P&T official, Vice-Chairman

Roger Dammé, Luxembourgish, Secretary

Espen Emile, Luxembourgish, P&T official, Treasurer


Faber Théid, Luxembourgish, professor, member

Kieffer Gérard, Luxembourgish, qualified pedagogue, member

Kieffer Béatrice, Luxembourgish, member

Mertz Joy, Luxembourgish , member

Milmeister Marianne, Luxembourgish , member

Petit Claude, lLuxembourgish , member

Pir Jacques, Luxembourgish , member

Reuter Bob, Luxembourgish, lecturer and researcher, member

Rischette Jean, Luxembourgish, member