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Nature conservation Agriculture and forestry

Aktioun Hues: Early mowing of the meadows is fateful for the young hares and other animals as well
‘Bunny in the pit sat and slept, sat and slept’… . Unfortunately, even when the mower was so...
    Activity report 2023: In favour of a sustainable agricultural policy – against the use of pesticides
      Objection of the national action committee against nuclear power – the Netherlands plans to build new nuclear power plants
      As part of the transnational consultations on the construction of new nuclear power plants in the...
      Beautiful wild plants in your garden or on the balcony
      If you didn’t have time to sow wildflower seeds in autumn, now is your second chance to get active....
        Forest dieback due to the climate crisis and excessive game populations: an appeal to the future government to regulate hunting
        Together with eight organisations, the Mouvement Ecologique has called on the future government to take...
          A Roadmap for the parliamentary term 2023-2028 – Socially, ecologically, and just
          Now it is available, the comprehensive publication of the Mouvement Ecologique with 152 pages of concrete...
          Round-table discussion with the parties: How to preserve our natural environment and promote sustainable organic and regional agriculture?
          On Thursday 5 October 2023 at 6.30pm in the Cercle Cité auditorium, 3, rue Génistre, Luxembourg.