The topic of cycling but especially the cycling day “Alles op de Velo” as well as general topics of sustainable municipal policy characterise the actions of the “Regionale Mersch an Emgéigend”. But a “bus plan” for the municipality of Mersch has also already been published. However, Mersch is also a Climate Alliance municipality, so the expectations of the Regionale in terms of climate protection that are placed on the municipality are quite high. In addition, the commitment to the preservation of the Meysemburg Landscape Park is also part of the Regionale’s field of action.

Discussions about the general development of Mersch also have a strong influence on the work of the Regionale, e.g. the change of use of the current Agrozenters site … and the newly planned site.

The following municipalities belong to the regional area “Miersch an Emgéigend”: Mersch, Colmar-Berg, Bissen, Boevange-Attert, Nommern, Larochette and Fischbach.