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MOVE. supports youths and young adults who want to get involved in a future-oriented and environmentally conscious society. The aim is to give a voice to young people who want to commit themselves to a sustainable lifestyle.

MOVE. works in thematic areas that are closely related to environmental protection. In addition to an independent youth group, projects, activities and environmental education are offered on topics such as climate, consumption, globalisation, mobility, housing, nutrition, democracy or co-determination.


Youth section:

Do you want to change things?

Climate change, the globalisation, nature conservation or limitless consumption are the issues that occupy us every day. Of course, we can wait for others to confront these issues. But we can also become active ourselves, get involved and start making a difference.

The move. Youth Section meets regularly.



move. offers various workshops on sustainable development for schools or youth groups. For further questions, simply send an e-mail to or call T. 43 90 30 – 33.


Doing an internship at move..:

Since February 2016, move. gives young people the opportunity to do an internship at the Oekozenter. During the internship, secondary school or university students can work on a specific project. Depending on the duration of the internship and the interests, goals are set together and a lot of emphasis is put on the personal development of the intern.

If you are interested in sustainable development or would like to work on a concrete project, just send your motivation letter and CV to:

For more information, visit our website: