Grassroots – party-politically neutral

Like every asbl, the Mouvement Ecologique has statutes that regulate its objectives and working methods. A particularly important article of the statutes is certainly the following:

“The Ecological Movement is a grassroots movement whose aim is to safeguard and create equitable living conditions that respond to the fundamental aspirations of mankind, with knowledge of and respect for the environment and nature; to seek out, promote and implement alternatives in the personal, social, cultural, political and economic spheres. The Ecological Movement will be guided in its search for this goal by the principles of ecology and democracy in a systemic approach”.

The statutes also stipulate and guarantee the party-political neutrality of the Mouvement Ecologique. Among other things, it is regulated in such a way that mandate holders of parties in the Mouvement cannot take on an official function (member of the board of directors, spokesperson of a working group …), but the cooperation of everyone is desired.

In addition, the internal regulations govern the general functioning of the Mouvement Ecologique : who decides what? How often do which decision-making bodies meet? usw. .