“Tax the Rich” – for a Wealth Tax: to Protect the Climate and for a Fairer World”

” To Change Direction towards Social Justice How unfairly wealth is distributed and what should be done about it ” was the title of an online event organised by Mouvement Ecologique with Action Solidarité Tiers Monde on 15 May 2024. The guest speaker was Manuel Schmitt, social inequality officer at Oxfam Germany (*).

Safety aspects of solar system construction, insulation materials, greening measures … Stimulating dialogue with the CGDIS

The Mouvement Ecologique and the Oekocentre Pafendall recently had an inspiring meeting with officials from the CGDIS (Corps grand-ducal d’incendie et de secours).

Aktioun Hues: Early mowing of the meadows is fateful for the young hares and other animals as well

‘Bunny in the pit sat and slept, sat and slept’… . Unfortunately, even when the mower was so close to him that it was too late to escape.

Objection by the Mouvement Ecologique in the context of the Creos 2024 – 2034 network development plan

As required by EU law, the grid operator Creos published a draft grid development plan for Luxembourg in mid-April. The Mouvement Ecologique submitted its comments in a public consultation.

Activity report 2023: The Mouvement Ecologique in the Climate Alliance Lëtzebuerg
Activity report 2023: Regional Miersch an Ëmgéigend
Activity report 2023: Regional Stad
Activity report 2023: Regional Süden
Activty report 2023: Regional Nordstad a Syrdall