Grassroots-oriented, efficient, lively

The Mouvement Ecologique – with currently about 3,000 members – has given itself the following structures in order to be able to work optimally for its goals:


The General Assembly: supreme decision-making body

All members of the Mouvement Ecologique are normally invited to the General Assembly by the Board of Directors once a year during the month of March (except in special cases). At this meeting, fundamental orientations of the Mouvement Ecologique will be discussed and the new Board of Directors elected. Any member of the Mouvement Ecologique may stand for election to the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors are each elected for 2 years. The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 17 persons. If no more than 17 persons put forward their candidature, a regular election shall only take place at the General Assembly if this is formally desired by those present. Otherwise, the Board of Directors is approved ‘par acclamation’.


The Board of Directors is:

  • the highest decision-making body
  • responsible for the general direction of the activities and work of the Mouvement Ecologique
  • leading the national actions of the Mouvement Ecologique
  • represents the Mouvement Ecologique vis-à-vis third parties
  • responsible for the orientation of the publications and for the financial policy.

It usually meets in a 2-3 week rhythm. Any member may attend meetings and have an item placed on the agenda.


The Presidium: responsible for “day-to-day work”

The Presidium is composed of members of the Board of Directors, with full-time staff also attending the meetings.


The local and regional sections

There are also local and regional sections in various regions of the country, if people have come together to become active together. Due to the general orientation of the work of the Mouvement Ecologique, they each work specifically in their community/region. The responsible persons are determined annually by the members of the community / region. More detailed modalities of the functionnement of the regionals shall be determined in the internal regulations.

If there is no regional in your region and you have a specific concern, please contact the national headquarters of the Mouvement Ecologique:, tel. 439030-1.


The Members’ Forum

In the case of particularly important issues, where it is necessary to make an essential (fundamental) decision on the further orientation of the Mouvement Ecologique, all members are invited to a meeting. The Mouvement’s position is then openly discussed here. However, member forums are also used to inform members about current developments and to ensure an exchange.


The Secretary’s office

Of course, the Mouvement Ecologique also needs full-time staff to take care of the daily work. The secretariat of the Mouvement Ecologique is still quite modest and is made up of the following people:

– Liette Bissen

– Claudine Zuang