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    Modification: Conference: Constant growth: a fallacy, no alternative or are there “new future visions“ after all?
    On Thursday, 29th February at 8 pm at the Hotel Parc Belle-Vue, 5, av. Marie-Thérèse, Luxembourg  
      Maintaining the ban on fox hunting : Letter to the Minister of the Environment
      According to our information, parts of the Luxembourg hunting community are in favour of lifting or...
        The new “Restopolis” purchasing policy for school canteens: a success story!
        Remember: Last year, Restopolis, the structure responsible for school canteens, partially revised its...
        Questioning the financial dependence of the pension system on the constant need for growth!
        The financing of the pension system currently requires considerable growth. The Mouvement Ecologique is...
        Turning recycling centres into resource centres: A position paper from the Mouvement Ecologique
        In a recent position paper, the Mouvement Ecologique put forward concrete proposals for implementing a...
        No Advertising, Please! Call from Mouvement Ecologique.
        Over 35 years ago, Mouvement Ecologique introduced the sticker “No Advertising, Please.”...
          More selective promotion of e-mobility – having the courage to beg big climate killers to pay!
          It is already clear that the 2024 Autofestival, which started this weekend, will (once again) feature ever...
            Despite post office stickers: Unauthorised people stick unsolicited advertising labels on letterboxes in Luxembourg – The Mouvement Ecologique calls on the political authorities to put an end to this practice
            Advertising may only be distributed to households in Luxembourg from January 2024 if residents expressly...
              Continue increased subsidies for heating system replacement and energy-efficient refurbishment!
              The government has decided not to extend the increased subsidies (“top up”) in the energy...