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After the recent statements on nuclear power by Prime Minister Luc Frieden: What does this government stand for?


Luc Frieden broke a taboo yesterday by becoming the first Prime Minister to soften Luxembourg’s resolute position against nuclear power, which has been a social consensus since Remerschen and Cattenom. Luxembourg can be proud of having stood for a consistent anti-nuclear policy and for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energies since the 1980s. This also applies at European level.


It is now explosive that Environment Minister Serge Wilmes – who was not aware of Luc Frieden’s statements at the time – formally confirmed the government’s position against nuclear power at yesterday’s Mouvement Ecologique congress. Even after further enquiry, he clearly stated that this government would not change course.


The nuclear power dossier is therefore not only explosive in terms of energy policy, it is also about the way this government works. Does Luc Frieden dictate the entire government strategy? After all, Luc Frieden’s “volte face” was hardly discussed at the level of the government council, at least apparently not in the presence of the Minister of the Environment. What is the position of a Democratic Party that even wanted to file a lawsuit against European pro-nuclear decisions in the previous government? What does the Energy Minister say about this?


And how contradictory is it for the Prime Minister to deviate from the consistent no to nuclear power, but to oppose nuclear power plants in the Greater Region?


The Mouvement Ecologique expects Luxembourg’s anti-nuclear policy to be maintained without any ifs and buts and is counting on the voice of the environment to be heard within this government.



You can download the entire press release as a PDF.



22 March 2024