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Video: How to preserve our natural environment while promoting organic and regional agriculture

In the run-up to the national elections, the Mouvement Ecologique has invited the political parties to debate the preservation of biodiversity and its habitats, as well as the agriculture of the future, and to set the tone.

Preserving our natural resources, quality food production and farms should be a top priority in our society, both for today’s generation and for future generations. Despite the positive initiatives launched during the current legislature, Luxembourg remains on a challenging path.

The room was very full, and the lively discussion demonstrated the interest and urgency of these issues. Among the audience were numerous nature conservationists, farmers, local authorities, interested citizens and others.

The round table brought together representatives of various political parties to examine together the solutions proposed by their parties to address these pressing issues. The following politicians took part in the round table.

  • Benoy François, Déi Gréng
  • Boonen Jeff, CSV
  • Diderich Gary, Déi Lénk
  • Graas Gusty, DP
  • Haagen Claude, LSAP
  • Majerus Luc, Fokus
  • Ben Polidori, Pirate Party
  • Prof. Dr. Schoos Jean, ADR

You can watch this round table in the video to get an overview of the ideas and viewpoints of the political representatives.

A second round table with party representatives will take place on October 5 on the theme of “Growth and regional planning”.

Translated with deepl.com