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Meco goes english !


The Mouvement Ecologique is a Luxembourgish environmental organisation, committed to issues such as climate change, sustainable development, the challenge of the problematic societal orientation towards growth, mobility and democracy.

Most of the work is done by volunteers : their creativity and engagement are the foundation of Mouvement Ecologique.

But unfortunately at this moment English speakers are left out. The reason is very simple: Until now everyone in the working groups of the Mouvement Ecologique everyone could speak the language they liked: Luxembourgish, German, French, English. However: The prerequisite was to know a little Luxembourgish.

But the Mouvement Ecologique wants to remedy this situation! Your knowledge and your creativity would be of great value for Mouvement Ecologique.


But how could this work? How many people are interested? And in which domains?


How could their involvement be combined with the commitment of other groups? What could this look like?


That’s why Mouvement Ecologique is organising an evening in English to talk with all interested English speakers.


Are you interested in meeting other people and would you perhaps like to join such a group?

So please: Please let us know: We will be looking for a date, that suits the people who have contacted us:
Tel. 439030-1


Many thanks in advance!