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FoE-Amérique : l’engagement en faveur d’une compréhension de la démocratie différente de celle de Donald Trump

„Friends of the Earth“ Etats-Unis sont l’une des nombreuses organisations américaines qui travaillent actuellement de manière cohérente pour que les résultats des élections soient reconnus en Amérique. Cependant, la FoEAmerica est également préoccupée par les conditions générales en Amérique. Cité dans son e-mail (statut vendredi 6.11.2020) :

„Thank you for the well wishes and solidarity. (…). We are mobilizing with partners and allies from across the United States in rallies and protests aimed to “protect the results” and “count every vote” (rally image attached).  This apparent victory though, comes with troubling realities.  As many of you have pointed out, this election is not a repudiation of Trumpism, if not for the pandemic, I believe Trump would have won the election overwhelmingly.   Trump and the Republican party have opened a pandora’s box.

Their nurturing of racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic views (grounded in white male fragility) over the last four year will unfortunately take a generation to heal (if ever).   These views were already in the American psyche but Trump and the Republican Party have created a twisted legitimization and normalization of them.  I don’t have an answer for how the country grows from this moment.  I do deeply believe, however, that the intersectional work of movements for justice must be a part of the healing and generational conversation we need to have. “






date de publication: 09.11.2020