Help keep yourself and others safe by reportingany road fault or safety issue that might result in danger for cyclists! All together for better equipped and safer cycleways!

No doubt: cycling has the wind in its sails…but despite the undisputed success of this alternative means of locomotion and despite the past and ongoing efforts of improvement in this area, the national cycleways are not always fit for cycling. Some tracks are simply missing and numerous existing cycleways present serious weaknesses in terms of biking safety. In addition, the lack of development of the infrastructure and/or maintenance of the latter (including potholes, various obstacles, etcetera) lengthen the list of problems.

Like so many other cyclists, you also aspire to change and want to contribute to improving bike safety throughout the national cycling net?

Join in and report road faults that you have spotted by mapping them on Upload images and/or videos and share your ideas for improvement! This project is running until 31 October 2021.

The reports collected will be communicated in anonymized form to the municipalities concerned as well as to the Ministry of Transport, and will be officially presented before the assembled press.

In 2020 … … a similar initiative had been launched for 3 months, allowing to collect no less than 300 improvement suggestions. The positive feedback received from the municipalities and the press was encouraging.






About us

Mouvement Ecololgique is a politically neutral NGO in the field of the environment and sustainable development in Luxembourg. We are active since 1968. Our main objectives are to develop future oriented sustainable ideas and to maintain the quality of life for everybody. We work on a wide range of sustainability topics including climate change, environmental protection, energy, transport etc.

Mouvement Ecololgique is active through awareness raising and information campaigns, public statements, workshops, conference and other events as well as a series of publications. Most of the work is carried out by our about 2 700 members active in various working groups and committees.

We work mainly in Luxembourgish or German and occasionally in French. However, we are open to explore new formats to be able to include people preferring English to Luxembourgish, German or French as communication language.

Mouvement Ecololgique position papers, e.g. in the run-up to elections or in the light of legislative projects, are an important pillar of the public debate in Luxembourg. Some of our position papers and other publications are also available in English:


In 2018, Mouvement Ecologique celebrated its 50 years with a series of events and various publications. You’ll find all information on the German version of the website.

You can support our work in various ways:

  • Visit us at our bistro “Oekosoph” on Wednesdays and Thursdays 17h00 to 23h00 at 6, rue Vauban in Luxembourg (Oekozenter Pafendall).
  • Become active and support our work for a more sustainable future of Luxembourg. To explore possibilities to become active, please contact
  • Become a member of by paying EUR 50 to CCP IBAN LU16 1111 0392 1729 0000 (EUR 75 for family membership, EUR 20 for unemployed and students). Please note that most of the membership information is provided in German language only.

Online membership

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